Aaron Oman's CHIP-8 Emulator  0.1.0
Aaron Oman's CHIP-8 Emulator


This is my first emulation project. I chose to emulate the CHIP-8 as I've seen it referenced as a good first emulation project. Based on my experience building this emulator, I think I'd have to agree!

This documentation is split into several pages (See Related Pages):

Key Mapping

The CHIP-8 has 16 keys. The mapping to a modern keyboard is fairly arbitrary. Here's what this emulator uses:

CHIP-8 Key Modern Keyboard Key
0 k
1 q
2 w
3 e
4 a
5 s
6 d
7 u
8 i
9 o
A j
B l
C r
D f
E p
F ;

A better way to view this may be overlayed on a modern english (Canadian) keyboard:

1 (q) 2 (w) 3 (e) C (r) 7 (u) 8 (i) 9 (o) E (p)
4 (a) 5 (s) 6 (d) D (f) A (j) 0 (k) B (l) F (;)