I like KDE


So, it turns out I like KDE.

I use Ubuntu a lot. It’s installed on all of my computers and it’s the server OS I’ve used at work for the past five or so years. Typically I stick with Unity on the desktop. There are a few reasons why I opted to change: I like to try new things, I get bored, I haven’t used KDE in a while. It’s hard to say exactly. A few strong contenders: I was rather impressed with Kdbg recently and started using that in all my C projects. I’ve been using Manjaro, and on my more powerful machines I opted for the default distro which includes KDE. Rich Geldreich told me to use it.1

I had been using it for a few weeks and ran into similar issues with regards to multiple monitors and screen locking, so I opted back to Unity. Well, here I am switching right back to KDE and it is definitely a much more comfortable, possibly more intuitive UI.

So there you have it. I apparently like KDE.


1Rich Geldreich: A Shout-Out to QtCreator 2.8.x on Linux