This is a short post. I really like videogames, but I often find myself lacking motivation to play. I think this happens a lot because I know there’s a serious time commitment to actually complete most games and I’m not normally able to play for more than an hour or so.

Well, Dark Souls has been absolutely consuming my free time lately.

I got quite into Dark Souls about a year ago when I picked up a copy for PC. Since then my interest has waxed and waned until lately where I’ve been watching Let’s Plays and Guides.

Well, I found an awesome videogame critic: Matthewmatosis1. I strongly recommend watching his reviews of the Metal Gear2 and Zelda3 series. Both are really awesome. His Zelda series, in particular, really nails pretty much everything I’ve ever thought about those games. He’s also got a great in-depth commentary on Dark Souls4, and a critique of Dark Souls II5.


1Matthewmatosis Youtube page
2Matthewmatosis Metal Gear Solid Reviews
3Matthewmatosis Zelda Reviews
4Matthewmatosis Dark Souls Commentary
5Matthewmatosis Dark Souls 2 Critique