Ludum Dare (2015-12-12)


Ludum Dare 34 kicks off this weekend. There are two themes that tied: “two button controllers” and “growing." I was fully intending to participate, but I am having serious doubts about that decision now. I’ve managed to build the tiniest of skeletons of an application, but I have so much to do in order to get anywhere near a working game that I know it’s basically infeasible. This is pretty much the reality when you have kids and a full time job and you’re already doing daily programming practice. Most of my responsibilities get kicked off to the weekend. Even then I’m just barely pulling my weight. Anyway, we’ll see.

Chris Franklin commented on Twitter about month-long jams that require much smaller commitments of time on any given day. That sounds pretty good to me. I’ll continue with what I have and see where it goes. Maybe I’ll abandon it after this weekend… maybe I’ll continue with it through December, or maybe I’ll even just continue with it until I get bored of it or decide to finish it off.

It’s a tough call. I get that the point is to just start making something because making something is better than making nothing. I 100% get that. It doesn’t mean it’s easy to overcome those built-in walls, though. :-) And, of course, I see something awesome like this Space Harrier-esque Pico8 game and figure just effing do it in Pico8.