Thoughts on Friday


I just finished playing another two rounds of Friday. Just four more to go until I’ve hit ten plays and can focus on the other titles in my 10x10 challenge. Even when I hit that point, though, I’ll be looking forward to playing Friday between other games.

I tried two different strategies today, neither of which really panned out.

Strategy 1: Remove Low-Scoring Cards

The goal here is to remove any negative or zero pointed cards to strive for a maximally productive deck.

Strategy 2: Remove Negative-Scoring Cards

This strategy was motivated by the failure of the first. The first strategy left me with very few cards in my Robinson deck, so I took on aging cards I otherwise wouldn’t have had to. The purpose of this strategy was less to maximize efficiency, and instead to focus on reducing harm.


In the end, both strategies wound up working about the same, netting me -22 and -23 points, respectively.

Strategy #1 felt good, like I was progressing well and building a very productive engine. However, to achieve Strategy #1 I had to sacrifice a lot of health early on, making Phase 3 more difficult. The aging cards really knocked my score down at the end.

Strategy #2 didn’t feel as good as Strategy #1, but I really benefitted from a lot of zero point cards with special abilities that I simply missed out on with Strategy #1. Strategy #2 sort of fell apart all over. I didn’t score well with the Robinson deck at the end because of all the zero-pointed cards. I also didn’t make it far into phase #2, so there were a lot of hazard cards left over to score against me. Finally, I still took on the same number of aging cards that I did with Strategy #1.


I have a lot to learn about this game. The special abilities of various cards are really important. The rulebook also makes it explicit that all information is there for the player to use to their advantage. Look at how many cards are in various discard piles, look at the opposite side of the hazard card to evaluate it, etc. I really need to play more into this aspect of the game. I have the mechanical part of play down now, next is a focus on more tactics and strategy.

Finally, even though I didn’t score well this time, I feel like I may have learned more from these last two plays with regards to strategy and tactics than I have in any previous plays.