More Friday - From Monday



So I just tallied my score and got -1. I may have miscounted. We can say -7 if we want to err on the safe side.  Either way I’m super happy about it.  My last score was -23  or so.  There’s been a steady progression with every game I’ve played.  This time I was able to make it to the third phase whereas my previous best was only part way through the second phase.


The more I play this game, the more I like it. The theme works so well with the deck building mechanic. Even though the artwork turned me off at first, it’s really started to grow on me.  I’ve read that Friedemann Friese is a really weird guy, and the artwork in Friday makes me feel like I’ve got a lens into his mind.  I like it.

I also had two rounds of Onirim tonight, and that was really good, but it’s a different sensation. Onirim’s gameplay also fits its theme rather well, like Friday’s does. The theme with Onirim is dreaming and nightmares.  The feel I get from that game is a smooth, gentle progress towards your goal of escape.  It feels somewhat dreamlike.

It’s interesting seeing these two great solitaire games side by side. I can play Onirim multiple times in one go, but I’m not super invested in it. I think I like it more as I play it more, but it’s still a slightly detached experience.  Friday is intense.  It’s intense, but it’s welcoming at the same time.  I am doing terribly, but I’m steadily improving and I can see where I want to go, mechanically speaking.  Despite my enjoyment with it, I’ve so far only ever played Friday for just a single session.  Like I said, interesting.