Hi, I'm Aaron Oman. My online handle is GrooveStomp.

Personal Summary

  • Writing C/C++ since 2000
  • Started in Pascal and HTML/Javascript in 1998
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

I like programming, boardgames, videogames, the great outdoors and I love my family. I am curious about programming languages and have dabbled in a good variety but mostly stick to C and Ruby these days. I have always sat on the sidelines of videogame development and continue to pursue interests there, mostly at a glacial pace. I’m currently working on a software renderer and a C parser. I have an interest in privacy and security and have dabbled in some of those technologies.

I make an effort to be courteous and honest and to communicate clearly. I’m one of those people who don’t like titles in the workplace and work best assuming a peer group of nearly equivalent skill.


If you want to see what I’ve been up to, then I strongly urge you to see my daily programming practice. It’s not quite every day, but I’m updating several times a week and exploring many concepts.
For more in-depth work, see other projects listed there. Of specific note are my software renderer and my C parser.
I also have a personal C library I use, and I built a config-file precompiler that I’ve similarly found to be quite useful.
Keep an eye on my git page for other interesting projects.

Professional Summary

Company Duration Title Responsibilities Languages and Technologies
Mogo October 2014 - Present Senior Software Developer Assist in managing project scope, develop common libraries, implement features, interview potential hires. Go, Ruby, RabbitMQ, Docker, Redis, MySQL
Unbounce 3.5 Years API Lead Design, implement and support HTTP API. Integrations with 3rd parties. Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Java, MySQL
Gossamer Threads 2.5 Years Programmer In-house forum and website software customizations for clients. Perl, PHP, MySQL
Electronic Arts 3.5 Years Software Engineer 3d pipeline maintenance, gameplay prototyping, audio programming, animation programming, front-end programming. C++, C#, ActionScript, Maya