Going For Ten


I don’t recall if I’ve ever explicitly mentioned on here the 10x10 challenge for boardgaming. I don’t know it in-depth, but what I recall is essentially to play 10 boardgames you already own 10 times within the calendar year. The theoretical advantage of doing this is less time spent buying new games, and more time spent playing games you already own. What a fantastic idea! Especially for someone like me, who likes to read and research and buy when getting into a new hobby.

So how am I doing?

As of now, here are the results:

Boardgame Number of Plays
VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game3
Pandemic: The Cure14
Escape: Curse of the Temple9
Mage Knight4
Dice Masters15
Race for the Galaxy10

There are a few interesting things to comment on here.

I really like the gameplay of Dice Masters, but really hate the collectible aspect. I may start playing at work with starter sets only.

I’m looking forward to playing more Mage Knight, but it’s a really heavy game. I would really love to finish my custom insert for it, as I am certain I can improve setup and teardown time. I am pretty sure I can even do something to help with organization for solo play.

Tonight I played one round each of Onirim and Race for the Galaxy to get them up to their ten play marks. I really would have liked to have played some more Onirim as I tried The Tower expansion today and I find any new set of rules typically takes a couple playthroughs to be comfortable with. The Tower expansion seems like a good expansion thus far - I lost my first playthrough, so I would say it is definitely tougher than base Onirim. Could be luck of the draw, though; we’ll see. In Race for the Galaxy I played against the AI robot with The Gathering Storm expansion. I haven’t played that way in a while, so it was really slow to get going as I read the rules and warmed up to it. The game did eventually hit a good rhythm and I beat the easy AI rather handily. I probably won’t play solo again for a while (especially as I shoot to hit ten plays of other games), but I’m looking forward to upping the difficulty and getting familiar enough with the robot AI that I rarely have to refer to rules.

To wrap up, there are a few games I’m seriously thinking of picking up despite the 10x10 challenge.

The former two have been on my wishlist for a while, but the latter two are recent. The latter two have been in heavy representation at Big Pete’s and look interesting enough.