A return... to LOTR:LCG


With my last post being on the 13th, it seems as though I’ve had a slight hiatus from gaming. For the most part, I would agree with this.  I managed to play some D&D and Ascension via my phone.

Tonight, however, I made a triumphant return to form with my first session of LOTR:LCG since I built my foamcore insert. I used this guide for deckbuilding with just one core set and played Passage Through Mirkwood. It worked fantastically and I was a threat to all the baddies in the encounter deck.

As far as the deck itself and the justifications for it by the author; I mostly agree. The one justification I disagree with is quoted thus:

suppose a Brown Lands comes off the encounter deck… That’s 5 threat you’re facing, and could cause you to quest unsuccessfully. But if you bring a Scout into play you can immediately explore it (without having to wait for the travel phase)
There may be rules in the game’s errata that specifically allow this behavior, but definitely not in the core set rulebook. The Snowbourn Scout allows you to place tokens on locations, but not to explore locations (which specifically means that the number of tokens on a location equals it’s printed number), nor to automatically travel to a given location. I’m not sure what the implications of this are on the deck as a whole, but the rest of the deck seems solid.  Someone else may have already raised this issue in that original thread, too, but I haven’t read that far into the thread, and honestly, I probably won’t.

Playing tonight really brought me back into the game’s world. This is a thinking person’s game and requires frequent plays and careful attention to detail with a mind towards experimentation and tweaking. I’m sure this is old hat for anyone who’s ever been into a TCG or CCG, but it’s new to me.  I really enjoyed reading through that aforementioned deckbuilding guide and then playing the game to see how the interactions play out.  This was enhanced by looking through the deck while reading the guide to get a good understanding prior to play, and to recognized cards so they trigger tactics during play.

I’m starting to ramble now, so I’ll try to tie it off. I am enjoying it. Sneak Attack is awesome and I want more of it.  I may look into methods of doing so without needing a full core set…  I also want (and probably need) to learn and understand the encounter decks.  I’m really curious about building a hobbit deck, as I envision them being focused on low threat and great questing.  That sounds like my style of play!