The Witcher Adventure Game


GOG is having an “up to 85%” off sale for their Witcher series of games. I already have The Witcher 1 and 2, but they’re also offering The Witcher Adventure Game. I was part of the beta, but didn’t have an opportunity to play it, and only attempted to play the demo a couple of times.  I found the tutorial wasn’t particularly elucidating and just let it be.  I’ve been curious about the boardgame for some time, but don’t know anybody who’s played it, and haven’t seen it come up very often in any boardgame discussions.  It did get a shout out on one episode of The Dice Tower podcast, and that somewhat piqued my interest.

So I’ve suffered through the initial tutorial video (and supplemented with the rest that they provide) and have played two rounds to just a single completed quest each. I like it! It’s not my favorite game, and I have some concerns, but it does a great job of giving you that feeling that you’re an adventurer out there exploring to complete quests.  The dice rolling mechanic is passable, maybe even good, but the development cards and everything…  The foul fate cards are interesting and contribute to the game feeling like you’re constantly struggling to make your way, while the game works in such a way that even when you’re overloaded with wounds that you can still do something.  This is a game where the overall feel is greater than the sum of its parts.  I’m no expert yet and I don’t understand all the various bits and pieces, but I like what I’ve seen so far.  I’m really curious if Daniela will enjoy it or not.  I can see it being a game we play out, but whether it’s successful depends on so many subtleties.