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Marvel Legendary - Secondary Play

I decided to give it another go.  I played the following setup:

I think that’s all that’s important.  The Scheme says to use 6 heroes and put 12 hero cards into the villain deck.  This conflicts with Solo rules which state to use 3 heroes, so I just halved the number of hero cards to add to the villain deck to 6.  Otherwise I used the same rules.

My final score was 2.  I did win. It actually felt pretty close.  It didn’t have the same feel of tension that I remember Legendary Encounters giving me, but there was a better sense of tension than I got from the last playthrough.  Unfortunately, I really think Vassal works against the experience here, with its clunky interface.  I also think part of it is inherent to the design of the Legendary system, though.

I’m not sure here.  I’m lukewarm on Marvel Legendary.  I’ll probably pass on it until I have the opportunity to play in person with some other folks.