Swapping RftG in for Dice Masters


During a slight bit of downtime today I separated my Dice Masters decks back into the cards that came with the starter set and those that didn’t. My Dice Masters gaming buddy came over, and instead of Dice Masters, we played two games of Race for the Galaxy!

My buddy has soundly beat me the last three games of Dice Masters that we’ve played. That’s great since we now know he has graduated well past the student phase, but it’s also illustrated some parts of Dice Masters that neither of us are super keen about. We agreed last time to give Dice Masters a break for a while.  I thought tonight might be a good time to pick it up again, but I’m ecstatic that we used this opportunity to jump into RftG instead.

Man, such a good game. It’s got a great balance of luck, strategy and tactics. The game takes a little while to learn; I figure we spent about 30 minute or so, and we also played one tutorial game.  This appears to have been sufficient.  Not a gateway game, but simple enough to grasp.  I lost the second game we played, though by a much smaller margin than I thought I would.  The cards were really not in my favor. :-)