Sunday Gaming


I just wrapped up two rounds of Onirim. I aborted the first one because it was obvious I couldn’t win, and I realized I hadn’t been following all of the rules. I decided to just start playing through the expansions one-by-one and see how it works.  Tonight was the first expansion: The Book of Steps Lost and Found.  There’s a mechanic where you can cast “spells” that aid you, and I simply wasn’t doing that at all.  My second playthrough was a very tight victory.  Not tight as in “well played”, but very close to being a failure.  I had one card left in the draw pile.  I was able to sneak out a win by using a regular ‘ol prophecy from the base game at a very opportune time.  I’m liking it so far.  This first expansions feels like the first two or three plays of Onirim where I didn’t have a strategy and the game felt challenging.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  I’d say base Onirim lasted me about 5 games tops.  I kind of like how meditative the game is. It doesn’t seem to be super engaging, but maybe that’s just because it plays so well.  Not sure!

Tonight I was also able to get in two plays of Patchwork. Oddly, I am missing one of the 1x1 “leather” tiles. Seems like Lookout Games’ website is down, too, so no contacting support for a replacement part.  In the meantime I’ve cut a piece of foamboard.  Seems like it should work well.  I quite like the tight-packing nature of the game.  I thought Dee would be excited by it, but she seems to simply be okay with it.  We’ll see how subsequent plays go.

I also got another game of Dice Masters in today. This brings my game count to 15 for Dice Masters - probably my most frequently and most played game ever. I’ve got some more thoughts I’d like to share on it, but I make no promises as to when those will come out.