RftG: The Gathering Storm


It’s always been my intention to pick up The Gathering Storm if I picked up Race for the Galaxy because of its solo support. Well, today I completed that transaction and also managed to finish my first playthrough of the real, physical copy of RftG. I played against the easy robot, and I won!  43-32, in fact.  That may actually be my largest win to date.

It was interesting. Playing against Keldon’s AI sure streamlines playing the game. It also took a little effort to parse the iconography on the robot’s player card.  Not a huge effort, but not seamless either.  I’m sure future plays will go that much more quickly.

I’m glad to have a physical copy of RftG and solo support. The game is definitely a little fiddly, at least compared to Keldon’s AI. I’m also really curious how Roll for the Galaxy plays now, and also excited to start turning my friends and family onto RftG!