What did you play this week (Apr 20 - Apr 26)?


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My contribution.

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Friday: Such a great solo game. I’m steadily improving, but also not playing it as much as I’d like. Partially because of all the other great games out there, but also because it’s surprisingly intense.

Pandemic: The Cure: Such a great game. I recently rated this as my only 1010 game on the appropriate /r/boardgames thread. Played it with my neighbor at the local gamestore yesterday and he loved it. Also got a few bystanders interested, and the store owner hovered around for a bit, too.

Dice Masters: I really dig this game. Got three rounds in with the aforementioned neighbor. He picked up his starter set and I got the fancy-pants playmat, because why not? We didn’t realize until after the first game that he was playing with 16 sidekick dice instead of the appropriate 8. The other two games were a lot more interesting! :-)

LOTR:LCG: I’m gradually cracking away at this game, starting to get the meta and enjoy the deck customization. I’m on the fence about whether I’m actually interested in that kind of game. Mechanically I enjoy LOTR:LCG well enough, but that’s really only about half of the game.

VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game: I wrote up some thoughts. I’m liking it so far and am really looking forward to playing with my wife.

7 Wonders: It was good. We played 3 games back to back. I wrote up some thoughts. We started with 6 and had to pare down to 5 part way through the second game. Everyone felt a noticeable difference in gameplay going from 6 to 5. I chose a stupid strategy (knowingly) for the last round with my 2-stage wonder, and it was predictably not a great round; in fact, it somewhat soured my experience. Note to self: Don’t do obviously dumb things. I actually did alright, but I guess it was just the fatigue of having the same person win every round and winding up with the same score every time.

Q1: How much time do you invest discussing and researching games compared to how much you play them?

Lots. I play for 1-3 hours about every second or third day, but I can passively watch reviews and listen to podcasts while commuting or doing lighter work throughout the day. It would not surprise me if the ratio was greater than 3:1 against playing. This has been going down lately, though.

Q2: Convention season is coming up. Do you attend GenCon/Origins/Geekway/Other?

Nope! As far as I know, there aren’t any conventions anywhere near Vancouver, BC; and there’s no way I can get the whole family down to the states for such an event. I’d like to check out something like the DiceTower Convention, or BGG Con, but the cost is prohibitive and it’s far way.