LOTR:LCG: A Deck in Review


I recently built a custom deck to take me through the first scenario. It worked wonderfully that first shot, and that felt great; though I was a little surprised it worked as well as it did. Tonight I gave it a second test drive and definitely ran into some kinks.

My selection algorithm for pulling cards from various spheres of influence was to simply go for all the low-cost ones. Everything 0 or 1 point got scooped up. Unfortunately, a lot of these cards seem not-so-useful.  Many of those cards are also attachments or events; leaving allies in short supply.

I found myself always wanting allies in this most recent play. The hero combo was working reasonably well for questing, but my defense was coming up short. Without support, Legolas was also falling short on attack, with the result that enemies were being left in the field for longer than I’d like.  Berovor and Eowin have abilities that work with each other, but they were exhausted out of necessity; so this synergy wasn’t getting exercised.

That’s it for this short summary. I am definitely interested in building up my card selection so I can create more interesting decks. Perhaps I’ll play with a few core set prebuilt decks first.  Mmm.  I think I may be getting hooked. :-)