Latest Temptations


Being the sophisticated gamer that I am, I’m constantly on the lookout for new games to pick up. There are all kinds of games for all types of situations. A very brief overview of what has been on my mind in the past couple months goes like this:

In the last week or so I’ve really started thinking about games that support 4+ players for those times when we invite guests over specifically for boardgaming. We have a couple games in that category, but I’d like to eventually round it out a lot more. I’m thinking games that play in 1-2 hours (instead of 30-60 minutes) and which are  typically a little more involved overall.  High on that list is Cosmic Encounter.

Back to more present temptations, though. I’m still trying to break Daniela into the boardgaming hobby, so I’ve strongly been eyeing two player games that skew towards gateway complexity. Morels has come up a few times as a strong suggestion, as have Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small and Patchwork.  The last two were designed by Uwe Rosenberg who also designed Agricola and Caverna - two games that are very highly regarded.   These three games fit nicely into the $20-$30 price range, too.  The only complication to this tidy list is that I’ve been somewhat enamoured with Race for the Galaxy.  Race for the Galaxy is a little more expensive at $40 (plus $30 for The Gathering Storm expansion which includes a solitaire-supporting AI) and a lot less of an intro game.  It does play quickly, though, and plays really well with two.  When compared with the other games, the symbology on RftG’s cards is probably it’s largest problem.  Personally, I think the issues with the symbology are overrated.  There are a couple symbols I struggled to really understand, but I’m playing without the rulebook.  I find most of the symbols are very descriptive, and the non-regular ones are accompanies by a text box that explains their behavior.  I doubt this would be a big hurdle, particularly for Dee.  I suspect the theme and artwork would be a larger barrier to entry for her.

Eventually I’ll end up with all four games, but it’s fun right now to be stuck in this predicament. :-)