LOTR:LCG: Round Two


Wow. Okay, so that was a completely different experience.

I’ve played a total of five times now, I believe. I have a reasonable understanding of the mechanics of the game, and of what various cards do. I haven’t been getting much luck with the prebuilt decks I’ve tried (either custom or part of the core set), so I figured I might as well just try my own thing.  Even more than that, I threw caution to the wind and went for something that I think I read as being uncouth: a 3-faction deck.

A 3 faction deck presents its own problems. Because you need to pool resources, it’s more difficult to purchase more expensive cards. This lead me to choose all the 0 and 1 point cards from the various factions’ decks.  I topped up with all the 2-cost ally cards I could, and mixed in a few three pointers, plus all the Gandalfs.  Here’s my complete deck listing for anyone who’s interested:


(And a note to myself: It’s spheres, not factions.)


Allies Events I have to note that this playthrough felt really good. I also have to note that it felt like luck was on my side. I drew a lot of Treachery and Locations; in fact, I think every shadow card was one of those.   Card draw doesn’t account for everything, though; for instance, I was able to use Eowin’s excellent questing combined with an attachment that boosts said ability.  Legolas’ ability to add 2 to the current quest if he contributes to killing an enemy was also super valuable.  This combination was so successful that I didn’t even think to use Beravor’s ability to draw 2 cards.  Had I done that, the intention was to use it in conjunction with Eowin’s attachment.  Finally, there’s the plethora of low-cost cards.  Because there are three spheres, I had to ensure I could actually purchase without having to build up large reserves.  Balancing the number of allies verus attachments and events is something I’ll continue to play with.

So that’s it for the mechanics of what was different this time. As for feeling … well, the game felt really fun! It’s obvious that building your custom deck is a good portion of the draw of the game.  I can even see now that struggling to win when playtesting custom decks would be satisfying; though I really feel like having a few wins in there is necessary.  There are a couple of ways to help that - you can take out the higher difficulty cards, for instance.  There’s also the randomization of the card draws.  But back to the point - I enjoyed this playthrough and can see the game starting to deliver on the hype I had built up for it.  Ultimately I will want to buy some expansions and really play with the custom decks, but I want to get a good handle on the core set and feel fully satisfied with it before expanding it.  I am very weary after Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game, afterall.

Note: This is a follow-up post to Round One.