Lord of the Rings: The Card Game


Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, a.k.a Lord of the Rings: LCG, a.k.a LOTR:LCG - which is how I’ll refer to it from now on.

This game… I don’t know about it. I was really excited to get my copy after having read a lot about how it’s a great game to play solo. One thing you’re not told is how the core set isn’t very good for solo play, and how only one of the three included missions is even beatable if you play solo.  Oh, apparently the second mission can be beaten solo, but it’s very much luck of the draw.

“Luck of the draw.” That’s a pretty accurate description for my experience with this game so far. The game feels like it can be very draw-dependent, like Shadowrun: Crossfire, though a little less severe.  There are a lot of combinations of decks to build for LOTR:LCG, though; so perhaps I just need to do some more experimentation.  I’ve played with the 30-card leadership deck, the 40-card custom deck from Beorn’s Path, and the 30-card fighting (combat?) deck.  I’ve only had any good luck at all with the leadership deck.  In my last play I drew Ungoliant’s Spawn as the second encounter…  This was compounded my having absolutely terrible questing abilities, so my threat continually raised in every round.  At least it was over quickly.

Argh. I really wanted to like this game, but it seems like it requires a significant out-of-band investment to be worthwhile. It really makes me appreciate deck builders even more.  I sincerely hope it grows on me and I end up loving it; I’m just really skeptical of that happening now - especially with so many games on my wanted list and relatively little time to dedicate to learning optimal gaming strategies for this one specific game.


Note: I now have a follow-up post.