What did you play this week (Apr 13 - Apr 19)?


From the Reddit thread.

Here’s a copy of my post there:

D&D Dice Masters, Bang! The Dice Game, Race for the Galaxy (Keldon’s AI), Shadowrun Crosssfire, Escape

Dice Masters: Battle for Faerun: My wife does not like this game at all, but all my gamer friends love it. I’ve learned that the way I play would benefit most from multiple copies of the starter set instead of getting any boosters. I am even thinking of paring down the available cards to vastly improve the setup time and get total play time under 40 minutes.

Bang! The Dice Game: Finally got a chance to play this with coworkers. It was a small group with just 4 of us. I really think this game needs at least 5. It was okay with 4, but really not an especially good experience. More like a demo or taster for what a full game would be like. I now more fully realize how much I dislike player elimination as a mechanic. It’s not terrible in this game because the first player elimination in a 4 player game precipitates the ending of the game.

Shadowrun: Crossfire: My opinion of this game has completely flopped, and that took about 8 plays. I was very positive on this game for the first 5 or 6 plays, and then I started getting more tentative. The game just feels very “unbalanced” or “swingy.” Probably the clearest way to say what I want is that the game seems to be unfinished; like it was rushed to market without thorough playtesting. I love the theme, and I think the mechanics of play are actually really good. It’s the randomness of the crossfire deck and the huge variability and high level of difficulty of the obstacles that really precludes my enjoyment. I haven’t 100% given up on it yet, but it will definitely be sitting for a while.

Escape: Curse of the Temple: I’ve played this with three separate people now (2-payer) and have had three quite distinct experiences. With my wife the game played perfectly - default difficulty left us always edging out a win, but always feels like it was a close call. Playing with a previous roommate of mine had us considerably upping the difficulty to get anything resembling a challenge, but it was a pleasant enough experience. Playing with my neighbour this week resulted in him getting very frustrated and giving up every time the gong rang. We lost dice every single time which made the game that much harder, which frustrated him more. I was actually very surprised at how different that experience was in particular compared with the other two.

Race for the Galaxy: I downloaded Keldon’s AI program and actually dedicated some time to learning the rules and doing a few plays. I like it! I like it quite a bit, actually, and will probably pick this up before too long. I’m not sure if my wife will like it at all, and that may ultimately be the deciding factor.

Q1: What is your favorite type of game to play?

I was thinking about this over the last week, actually. Card games, by far. I love deckbuilding, but I also quite like drafting (from what I’ve experienced so far) and am good with other systems like in LOTR: LCG. I’m intrigued by Sentinels of the Multiverse, but damn that art… (Artwork and theme haven’t ever stopped me from liking a game that has great gameplay so far, but it is sure a barrier to entry.)

Q2: Do you seek out a specific type of person to play games with?

My wife. Other than that, somebody nearby who I can theoretically play with frequently. Other than that, someone into heavier, more “gamey” games so I can flex my gaming muscles. :-) I am working on the latter two…