Bang! The Dice Game


I picked up Bang! The Dice Game at Strategies two weeks ago while browsing for Fiasco and Savage Worlds. I’ve really been looking forward to playing it since, but the opportunity simply wasn’t available until today. I booked a conference room and four of us got together over lunch to play three bouts.  It’s a nice game; simple to comprehend, plays quickly and offers opportunities for subterfuge.  It seems like it would really start to shine with 5 players, and may be best with the upper limit it supports of 8 players.  In the three sessions I was an outlaw all three times.  In the first two games I was the first player out, but in all three games the sheriff was out second.

I’m pretty sure now that I’m not a fan of player elimination. It’s not a big problem in this game because the game is so short, and it’s even better because the first player elimination is very closely followed by the end of game; at least for lower player counts. Still, player targeting was obviously happening and I was getting every so slightly bummed. :-)

Anyway, it is the end of the workday and I have weekend brain right now.